About HDLC


JF1LZQ, JR1VMXs were invited as a guest in the first Hokkaido Hamfar. Is there a name whose JA8IOT is somewhat good in the social gathering held in the pale field in the evening? JR1VMX had the interesting word which said "Then, as for playing a trick a little and saying, you like HDLC with Hokkaido Digital Linke Committee how." toward said questions. This is the first origin.

At present, activities aren't being done. It is the conditions which an activities fund and so on is hardly in that because HDLC itself is a ghost group, are said. Narrowly, this server was started in a few funds which I had (JH8XVH). But, it doesn't reach it to the special line. It is a new problem. Of course, if there is no fund, it can't be managed. A schedule is being done even if the user of this server is looked for and it is made the fund source, too. Only, it is a problem whether it is made in me to where. There is a thing that a limit is said to me as well, too. I want it memorized.