Wellcome HDLC

(Hokkaido Digital Link Committe)

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Welcome to HDLC Home Page.

This group is the group of packet radio in the amateur radio. This group does an origin in 1985, and reaches the present. A main purpose is to spread packet network report service in Hokkaido. It aimed at securing of the data transmission.

But, the new network that the Internet was said appeared, and need disappeared. Though it is very sad, this is reality as for this. It may be inevitable. However, this group is still living. This is the evidence.

We have the group which says EZO as another group. Only, this is the condition that activities almost stop, too. All the contents of activities are done by Internet mail. Participation can't be done if it doesn't apply for these. But, it is only a member that can participate. I really want the one that it doesn't participate with the member told to the following mail address. Information isn't done from itself. Proceed, and obtain information from yourself.

And, JH8XVH makes a homepage. All the members go for control of a server as well. I want an administrator to do mail if you of the member want to have a page here. It is a welcome even except for the member. But, there will be a restriction except for the member. It won't be done that it is certainly bad. BBS here was closed. Ask about all applications, inquiries to JH8XVH.

It asks for it to this top page when it links though a link is free. Make contact in the case of each user to each of each user, and get the consent of the link. Everyone's activity is expected.

Please note that most of the languages on the website are Japanese.

Please note that it has nothing to do with HDLC(High-Level Data Link Control).